Breaking News (2004)

Internationally acclaimed director Johnnie To has done it again with his ironic and poignant new film, Breaking News. Using a standard “heist gone bad” scenario, the director mixes irony and parody with suspense and dramatic action to generally skewer the media and the corporate/government types who try to manipulate the news to fit the message each party is looking to proliferate. Casting of comedian Nick Cheung in the role of the Terminator-like police detective is a brilliant move. Cheung and rubbery-faced Hui Siu-Hung have a great deal of fun dealing with flatulence in close working conditions. Director To also manages to get the best performance of Richie Ren’s short career. His portrayal of the lead bad guy is quite good. This film received four HKFA nominations: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress (Maggie Siu Mei-Kei), and Best Editing.

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