Body Weapon (1999)

Wong Jing's number one go-to surrogate director, Aman Chang churns a brackish swill into a film that is unappealing and offensive to some while being tawdry and erotic to others. Costume designer Cindy Cheung Fong-Dai wins high praise for getting Angie Cheung Wai-Yee and that costume she never wears in the film to appear in one of my dreams.

I saw this film at the old Music Palace back in 1999. It was a stormy summer afternoon and some of the raincoat crowd was in the house. My cell phone went off during the screening and some guy threw popcorn at me. Later, that guy's phone went off, though no one seemed to mind. Mesmerizing on the big screen, this is amazing stuff from Wong Jing's production companies.

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