Beyond Our Ken (2004)

A novelist turned screenwriter and director, Edmond Pang Ho-Cheung creates a unique and highly intelligent cinematic experience. Taking up where he left off with his award winning film Men Suddenly in Black, the director draws from his personal dating experiences as he continues his piercing, satirical study of the war between the sexes.

Working with producer Catherine Hun Ga-Jan and a cast of only three actors, Pang raises the quality of style, tone, and form to the level of his excellent screenplay, co-written by Wong Wing Si. An atmosphere of suspense is heightened by various voyeuristic point of view camera angles. Several scenes are repeated, each time from some different characters perspective.

Beyond Our Ken stars Daniel Wu Yin-Cho, one of Hong Kong's finest actors, as the "Ken" of the title. Gillian Chung Yan-Tung plays a young woman who "was" dating Ken. Chung gives the best performance of her brief career; this role has none of the fluff of her previous parts. Tao Hong plays the young woman who "is" dating Ken. This actress gives an absolutely riveting performance as she blows the other two actors off the screen.

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