AV [2005]

Iíve been entertained greatly by Edmond Pang Ho-Cheungís first 3 films. I must say I was looking forward to this film. The DVD sat for months by the side of my player. I avoided the movie because I let myself be influenced by some of the opinions expressed here at hkMdb. I guess I was just trying to avoid the feeling of disappointment. Shame on me. AV was compelling and entertaining. I had as much fun watching the film as, apparently, the cast and crew had working on the project.

Mr. Pang has benefited , in his earlier films, from working with experienced, talented producers [Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu and Eric Tsang Chi-Wai]. He has developed a nice working relationship with veteran producer Catherine Hun Ga-Jan on his last two features. Much of the screenplay, written by Pang and his editor Wenders Li Tung-Chuen, is puerile, sophomoric and pseudo-intellectual, but there is a certain charm to the proceedings that seeps through. There are a bunch of funny cameo appearances to watch for. The young cast, especially Wong You-Nam, does very nice work. The ubiquitous Hui Siu-Hung shows up as the head of the university film school.

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