Astonishing (2004)

Herman Yau Lai-To always impress's me as a film artist who loves to shoot film, to work through his camera eye. His films are full of the energy that is drawn from a man who clearly loves what he is doing.

Astonishing is one of his films that exude this energy. Yau gets to explore some thematic areas that have popped up in other films he's made in his almost 20 year career. He gets to direct a couple of top actors here and he gets the most out of his two stars. Alex Fong Chung-Sun gives a strong performance, as always. Beautiful Christy Chung Lai-Tai carries the film while the director makes love to her with a Chapman Crane. Swooping tracking shots and voyeuristic camera angles keep the whole scenario full of suspense. Watch for Sammo Hung Kam-Bo and Wayne Lai Yiu-Cheung in a couple of creepy supporting roles.

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