This review originally appeared in Asian Cult Cinema #11
Director: Kam Mo
Starring: O Chun Hung, Ngai Sook Kwung, Chow Wun

This is an anthology film featuring bizarre horror tales of Chinese folklore. A Category III movie, it features a fine blend of soft-core sex, gratuitous violence and high flying super kungfu. Each of the three segments features beautiful cinematography, crisp editing and hauntingly wonderful performances by the actors and actress's.

The first story is entitled "Baby Doll". A young wife is abused by her older husband Chao; mentally, physically, sexually. She finds solace from her miserable existence with her "baby doll", dressed as a handsome prince, talking to it as though it were a person. This couple lives and works at a laundry, along with a retarded brother with a heart of gold. One day when the evil Chao is again attacking the sweet young beauty she calls out to the retarded man for help. Not comprehending the woman's pleas, he brings her the doll. Chao throws the doll into the laundry's water basin. Trying to retrieve the doll for his frightened friend, the simple man drowns. Later in the night, the ghost of the retarded man returns and is transformed into a large Baby Doll who beats the wicked spouse. The wife falls in love with Baby Doll when the husband runs away scared. When he finally returns, the two men do some 'real' kungfu[no wire] and everything ends up pretty bad.

The second of the three stories involves a gravedigger and a couple of demons taking revenge for something or other. A young boy sets a captured animal free and is beaten by the trapper. Left for dead, the child is revived by a beautiful spirit of the night. Thirty years later, this fellow is working in a graveyard. A couple makes love nearby and the woman morphs into a demon vampire witch. The actress who plays this witch is incredibly hot and the scene has lots of blood and gore. Visually and aurally, it is a total perverse turn-on. Our hero hears the noise and goes to investigate. The witch seduces him, feigning to be innocent and injured. Back at his place, the lovemaking begins. Just as the vampire is about to chomp our hero, the spirit who saved him earlier returns. These two beauties battle it out with some super kungfu and, as with any happy fable, good is triumphant over evil. Or is it?

The final segment is a story of treachery and revenge between a husband and wife. The pretty young wife runs a restaurant with her older, impotent husband. She wants a child but the old man can't deliver, having to drink a concoction made of fresh killed turtle's blood[!] that is supposed to make his erection strong[!]. They take in a handyman to help with the work who gives the sexy wife what she is wanting. When the old man finds out what has happened, he plots his revenge with the double dealing handyman. The plot has many twists and there is lots of sex; some hot, some grotesque.

Don't watch this alone. Watch it with someone you love. The discussion will be fun after viewing "AMAZING STORIES".

Copyright ©1995 J. Crawford