Ab-Normal Beauty (2004)

Oxide Pang Shun directs and co-produces a dark, unsettling movie that, aside from the big budget, is just a film school thesis that explores the workings of the thriller format. He does a nice job continuing the look and feel of his earlier work with his brother, Danny Pang Fat, who co-produces here while directing a companion piece Leave Me Alone (2004).

The scenario revolves around a student photographer (Race Wong Yuen-Ling) who tries to find beauty in the more grotesque side of life. She gets involved in some weird, kinky behaviors as a result of her fascination, all while an even wackier voyeur stalks her every move. Ms. Wong turns in a credible performance as does her co-star, and real-life sister, Rosanne Wong Yuen-Kwan. An implied, but unrealized, lesbian relationship between these two characters created a minor buzz around this movie.

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