49 Days (2006)

Stephen Fung Tak-Lun and Gillian Chung Yan-Tung team up in the engrossing, entertaining film called 49 Days. Produced by Chui Siu-Ming and Lee Fung-Ming, the film does a nice job evoking a colorful by-gone era while generating a number of creepy moments. Mr. Fung stars as an herbalist/physician who has a prosperous practice in his hometown. He has a beautiful wife and a young daughter with a big household staff. His local success is not enough for him and he's compelled to seek fortune and fame in the big city. Off he goes, promising wife and daughter to return in three years time.

Four years later, we pick up the story. Dr Lau [Fung] now has a prosperous practice and a big, successful, herb factory. Garbed in a stylish Western style suit, he's preparing to return to his family. Before he can begin his journey, he falls victim to a greedy monster who frames him for murder and arson. In his most desperate hour, he meets a lawyer named Lam Siu-Chin [Chung]. Lam is fresh out of law school and, being a woman living in this past era, subject to ridicule and roadblocks in the performance of her duties.

49 Days has its genesis in the simple notion that bad things happen to good people. Fung and Chung have a nice chemistry together. Honorable mention goes out to Raymond Wong Ho-Yin who is quite compelling as the villain here. Look for industry veteran, and original Venom, Lo Meng in a supporting role as Chun Bo, the executioner with a heart of gold.

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