Three of a Kind (2004)

Comedian Michael Hui returns to the big screen in riotously funny, heart-warming film from director Joe Ma Wai-Ho. Working from a script he co-wrote with Matt Chow Hoi-Kwong, Sunny Chan Wing-Sun, Lung Man Hong, and Lee Chun-Fai, Ma teams up once again with lovable Miriam Yeung Chin-Wah to capture the success they had with the Love Undercover films several years ago.

Hui is cast as Dragon Lone, an author of some very popular wuxia novels who is suffering from a writer's block while keeping a watchful eye on his daughter and her unlucky affairs of the heart. Lau Ching Wan joins the proceedings cast as Yeung's popular, playboy boss who also is rather unlucky at love despite his charm and rugged good looks. Laugh out loud funny set pieces are countered with poignant moments of real affection for the characters as they move through a well drawn scenario. Look for another outstanding performance from Hui Siu-Hung, who is cast as Lone's housekeeper. Production design, costumes and cinematography combine for outstanding visual achievement.

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