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  • Picture of a Nymph[1988]
  • Magic Cop[1990]
  • All For The Winner[1990]
  • God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai[1991]
  • Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan[1998]
  • My Left Eye Sees Ghosts[2002]
  • Naked Weapon[2002]
  • Psychedelic Cop[2002]
  • Hero[2002]
  • Fate Fighter[2003]
  • Colour of the Truth[2003]
  • My Dream Girl[2003]
  • The Heroic Duo[2003]
  • The Medallion[2003]
  • Shiver[2003]
  • Anna in Kungfu-land[2003]
  • Sex and The Beauties[2004]
  • New Police Story[2004]

  • Picture of a Nymph (1988)
    Directed by Wu Ma
    Produced by Sammo Hung
    Action Direction by Sammo Hung Stuntman's Association
    Starring Joey Wong, Yuen Biao, Wu Ma

    The entertaining fantasy is a clever parody of the popular A Chinese Ghost Story and its sequels. Directed by, co-written and co-starring the under appreciated Wu Ma, this movie quickly grabs you up in it's story and carries you for a glorious journey. In the 70's, Wu Ma co-directed several films with master filmmaker Chang Cheh including New Shaolin Boxers. Joey Wong is a beautiful ghost, basically doing the same part as always. Martials arts action is wild with Yuen Biao flipping and flying all over the place. If you can't like this movie, you are dead from the neck up.

    Magic Cop (1990)
    Directed by Stephen Tung Wai
    Produced by Lam Ching Ying
    Starring Lam Ching Ying, Wu Ma, Billy Chow

    Modern day exploits of a "Mr. Vampire" type policeman in Hong Kong.
    A must see for any fan! Lots of martial arts fun!

    All For The Winner (1990)
    Co-Directed by Corey Yuen, Jeff Lau
    Written by Jeff Lau
    Action Direction by Corey Yuen
    Starring Stephen Chow, Ng Man Tat, Cheung Man, Sandra Ng

    More homage than parody of The God of Gamblers, Cory Yuen presents an action packed comedy that showcases the pairing of Ng Man Tat and Stephen Chow in a magical alternate universe to the dark world portrayed in the classic Wong Jing film. Cheung Man is featured as the kung fu killer babe who becomes the pawn in the silly triad double-cross. Lots of Bruce Lee tributes and gun play for everyone!

    God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai (1991)
    Written and Directed by Wong Jing
    Starring Stephen Chow, Ng Man Tat, Gong Li, Sandra Ng

    Despite what the English title says, this is the official sequel to All For The Winner. Funny as can be! You won't be disappointed with this film. The story involves some time travel back to Shanghai in the 1930's where the Gambling Saint meets up with the colorful characters that populate the mythology of that era. The movie is very well presented on DVD, recommended. Look for the stunning Cheung Man in a last minute cameo appearence.

    Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan (1998)
    Directed by Aman Chang
    Starring Athena Chu, Francis Ng, Yueng Fan

    This is, simply, a dumb movie. It's the weakest entry in the series. A testament to the on-screen talents of Athena Chu and Francis Ng who make this horrible film watchable. This is a disappointing first film from a director who went on to make some better films. Blame it on the script. Yeah, that's it.

    My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (2002)
    Directed by Johnnie To, Wai Ka-Fai
    Screenplay by Wai Ka-Fai, Yau Nai-Hoi, Au Kin Yee
    Starring Sammi Cheng, Lau Ching-Wan, Lam Suet, Simon Yam, Kelly Lin

    I was down with this movie for about the first 15 minutes, but then I started to think that I was pretty tired of these dumb comedies Johnnie To's been slinging with Wai Ka-Fai. Did this [maybe over-rated] director blow his load with The Mission?

    Naked Weapon (2002)
    Directed by Tony Ching Siu-Tung
    Screenplay by Wong Jing
    Starring Daniel Wu, Almen Wong, Cheng Pei Pei

    Hong Kong movie shot in English is very enjoyable. Wong Jing's screenplay under Ching Siu Tung's direction keeps the viewer on the edge of the proverbial seat. Daniel Wu is one of the best actor's working these days. Kudos to director Ching who manages to turn the usually wooden Almen Wong into a cunning villian. Awesome soundtrack on American DVD with some cool extras.

    Psychedelic Cop (2002)
    Directed by Bosco Lam
    Screenplay by Bosco Lam, Cheng Kwok Wai
    Starring Danny Lee, Wayne Lai, Claire Yiu

    This DV project sums up the sorry state of affairs in the Hong Kong movie business. A decent script starring an industry icon by an internationally acclaimed director can't raise funding to shoot on film. Hardly anyone has seen this and those who have, hate it. I thought it was good, though the "video" look of the "film" ruins it for me.

    Hero (2002)
    Directed by Zhang Yimou
    Martial Arts Direction By Ching Siu-Tung
    Starring Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung

    This film is a fantastic piece of storytelling. I'm including it here because of its worlwide acclaim. While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie there is just a little too much flowing fabric around for my personal taste. I was feeling, oddly, that Zhang took some "influence" from Billy Chung's 1993 film, Assassin. In the end, I don't get why the King killed Nameless and it really detracts from my overall enjoyment of the film. On a positive note, I could watch the Jet & Donnie fight sequence over and over and over.

    Fate Fighter (2003)
    Directed by Steve Cheng
    Starring Nick Cheung, Kristy Yeung, Sam Lee

    The initial premise of the story was down and dirty which got my attention. Kristy Yeung is in the movie. Many fine performances are spread out through the supporting cast. As the story unfolds, Sam Lee's character is introduced and the movie seems to spin out of contol, trying to be comedy, melodrama and gambling movie with a spooky flavor. Yawn. As a long time fan of Cheng's films, I must say I'm ambivalent, at best, about this movie. As I write this, it's a poor effort. Later, though, I'll think it was kind of edgy and entertaining. You decide for yourself.

    Colour of the Truth (2003)
    Produced & written by Wong Jing
    Directed by Wong Jing, Marco Mak
    Starring Anthony Wong, Jordan Chan, Raymond Wong, Lau Ching Wan, Francis Ng, Pinky Cheung

    This is an amazing piece of filmmaking. Wong Jing's writing is top notch here; he's such a good storyteller. Cinematography is beautiful, the musical score awesome. Not a single bad performance from this super fine cast. Anthony Wong proves again that he's the best actor in Hong Kong. Pinky Cheung is great in her small role as Lau's grieving wife. Terence Yin plays another nasty bad guy, something he's become very good at. One of the best character actors working these days, look for Chapman To as one of Anthony Wong's police detail.


    My Dream Girl (2003)
    Directed by Yip Wai Man
    Screenplay by Chan Hing-Kar, Lee Biu Cheung
    Starring Ekin Cheng, Vicky Zhao, Vincent Kok

    Look closely at this still. Look how cool Ekin is! This is one of his most enjoyable performances ever. Look at Vicky. See how adorable she is! This is a top notch comedy from one of the finest filmmakers in Hong Kong. Excellent film!

    Look closely at this still. Look how cool Ekin is! This is one of his most enjoyable performances ever. Look at Vicky. See how adorable she is! This is a top notch comedy from one of the finest filmmakers in Hong Kong. Excellent film!

    The Heroic Duo (2003)
    Produced & Directed by Benny Chan
    Martial Arts Direction by Stephen Tung Wai
    Starring Leon Lai, Ekin Cheng, Francis Ng

    This is a big budget, overblown action movie about hypnotism. Are you still with me? Lots of silly things in the script to give each of the male stars plenty of overacting opportunities. Francis Ng steals another movie in his nasty bad guy role. This movie is really fun to watch as it is extremely well made on all technical levels.

    The Medallion (2003)
    Directed by Gordan Chan
    Action Direction by Sammo Hung
    Starring Jackie Chan, Anthony Wong, Christy Chung

    I had high expectations for this film. I am disappointed. This movie is better than The Tuxedo but not much better. The first few sequences are pretty good but it turns quickly awful with bad CGI, bad gwailo acting from a badly realised script. Anthony Wong is, as always, one of the best things about the film even though he's in one of the dumbest cliche-ridden roles ever. Beautiful Christy Chung steals the film by just being beautiful, too bad she's hardly in it. If you listen very carefully, you can hear Hollywood turning its back on Jackie.

    Shiver (2003)
    Directed by Billy Chung
    Screenplay by Chung Shing Yuen
    Starring Athena Chu, Francis Ng, Nick Cheung

    Excellent ghost thriller with great performances, especially from Nick Cheung in an off-beat bad guy role. Screenplay offers lots of intrigue and mystery for top notch director. Athena Chu and Francis Ng play troubled married couple caught up in accidental police shooting. Chu is haunted by mysterious ghost who reveals clues to detective husband's investigations into various murders. Very stylish film with lots of scary scenes keeps viewer on edge. Highly recommended.

    Anna in Kungfu-land (2003)
    Directed by Yip Wai Man
    Martial Arts Direction by Stephen Tung Wai
    Starring Ekin Cheng, Miriam Yeung

    Funny as hell movie from one of the best directors working in Hong Kong today. With a clever screenplay, the cast is awesome. Lots of kung fu fun and some serious kick-ass from martial arts director Stephen Tung Wai. Highly recommended!

    New Police Story (2004)
    Directed by Benny Chan
    Martial Arts Direction by Jackie Chan
    Starring Jackie Chan, Nick Tse

    Uneven effort leaves one wishing for more. Martial arts direction is strong; this movie has some of Jackie's best moves in a few years. It is all the "Option" type stuff among the various police officers that falls flat. Not really anything "New" here.

    Sex And The Beauties (2004)
    Written, Produced, and Directed by Wong Jing
    Starring Carina Lau, Athena Chu, Cecilia Cheung, Pinky Cheung

    If you have been following along closely, you will know that I am going to rave about this one. Wong Jing does it again! Using the long running and wildly popular American TV series "Sex in the City" as his source material, the master filmmaker crafts a clever, sexy romantic comedy about a handful of single women in the SAR. Laugh-out-loud funny stuff. Pinky Cheung turns in a stellar performance as the tough yet sexy tomboy daughter of a big triad boss. The rest of the cast does a fine job, female & male alike.

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